AL FADAK is your aura-defining companion, enhancing your luxuriousness and bringing out a royal ambiance. AL FADAK has curated the most essential and enriching fragrances that are suitable for everyone. We create fragrances by blending simplicity and majestic royalty. Own your perfume oasis, and enjoy the luxuries of it without any hesitation.

In our collection of perfumes, we have carefully selected some of the best-in-class fragrances from various categories to help you find your dream fragrance easily. AL FADAK’s vision of creating a luxury brand was to make products that are luxurious as well as affordable; to create high-quality products that last longer than their competitors; to reflect its belief in sustainability, using 100% natural ingredients; and to be proud of what it does – no matter what. All our perfumes are "Eau de Parfum", which has a higher concentration of fragrant oils and lasts more than 5 hours. Our products are available at an affordable price with shipping across India.

This idea about having a Luxurious Ambiance in a bottle was conceived in the mind of our founder and perfume enthusiast Mr. Ameer Rizvi. He always admired the essence and its presence. Hence for him, the feeling of royalness and having that scent with him forever was important. An amazing Web developer by profession, he has always wanted to have an e-commerce-like royal service where everyone could experience this luxurious ambiance with a single click and receive their royal bottles directly in the comfort of their palace.