1. What if I buy the wrong essence, can I return it?

Ans: No you can't

2. What if the product is delivered broken?

Ans: We have clearly conveyed in the delivery mail to videograph the unboxing and send us proof

3. What if I want to get it delivered outside India?

Ans: Currently, we are operating only in India

4. Is this the best perfume for men/women?

Ans: Yes, it is what you need from a true Perfume.

5. What if I want to return unopened box and get a refund?

Ans: That's not how we royals work at Al Fadak. No refunds or exchanges if the product is in good condition*

6. What type of perfumes are these?

Ans: All our perfumes are "Eau de Parfum", which has a higher concentration of fragrant oils and lasts more than 8 hours.

7. How long these perfumes last?

Ans: More than 8 hours